How does Yoxel treat contacts with the same name in the two databases

Q: I have MS Outlook and Highrise. There are many common names between the two databases and I wanted to know how Yoxel treats contacts with the same name in the two databases.

When you're setting up the Yoxel Portal sync for the first time it operates in the read-only "load-and-review mode":

  1. It loads contacts from both databases into its own database
  2. Runs similarity analysis and marks all similar records as "high confidence match" and "lower confidence - possible match"
  3. The high confidence matches are automatically linked/merged in Yoxel db if the records come from different systems (HR and Outlook). The same system records are only marked as "dupes".
  4. "Possible match" records are only marked as "possible match".
  5. Yoxel produces reports and waits for you to review them. Updates are not going to be implemented until you review the reports and confirm that you're ok to proceed.

 So you can set up the sync, run it once and review the reports. You'll see exactly what Yoxel did to your same name records. If they're matched with high confidence they will be merged and linked internally. And if you agree with the merges/marking then you can proceed and allow the sync to actually start updating records in both systems.

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