BigDripper (Beta!) - Configuration

BigDripper is our new follow-up robot that leverages the Yoxel email conversation tracking. To see BigDripper in action please visit the blog post written by an early adopter.

You will need to configure at least one Google Apps or MS Exchange service in your Yoxel account to be able to use BigDripper.

Setting up your Yoxel account for BigDripper

After signing up for a Yoxel account ( you're placed into the 3-step setup wizard:

  1. Add at least one email service (Gmail or MS Exchange) service:
  2. In the Google Apps service popup check Email & Contacts:
  3. Go to step #2 of the wizard to configure Email sync rule:
  4. Enable email tracking based on filters and add one filter that picks up all your convos:
  5. Go to step #3 of the wizard to enable the sync:
 At this point your Yoxel account is configured to scan your mailbox and track any conversation you participate in. See the email forwarding article for more info on how to control which conversations are tracked. Test it:
  1. Send a new follow-up email to someone
  2. In Yoxel hit the 'Sync now' button.
  3. Check 'Explore details' next to the 'Email sync rule' to confirm that the email was picked up:

Activating BigDripper

  1. Navigate to 'Explore details' next to the 'Email sync rule'.
  2. The email BigDripper robot can be activated for any of those tracked conversations. Click on a conversation to view its details and you'll see the BigDripper controls on the right hand side:
    1. Create a drip-rule (click 'create' under the Rule listbox)
    2. Specify a target, a recipient to follow-up with
    3. Save the conversation (BigDripper should get activated for the conversation)
  3. A drip-rule allows you to define drip-messages for automatic follow-up emails ("drips") with corresponding drip-intervals. Each follow-up email will be composed as the one-liner drip-message including a previous unanswered message to the target.

More convenient ways of activating BigDripper exist:

Users using the web based Gmail interface
  • Can label conversations with a nested 'Yoxel/<drip-rule-name>' label
  • Can Bcc a fake email address that can be picked up by a Yoxel filter w/ the 'bcc:<fake-email>' term
Outlook users with a MS Exchange server
  • Can assign a special '^<drip-rule-name>' category to conversations


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