Adding 'Related Conversations' list to the Contact page layout

After installing Yoxel sync AppExchange package you will find the new Conversation tab in your Org which shows all logged email conversations. Each conversation page layout lists all related contacts but the package does not automatically add the 'Conversation' related list to your 'Contact' page layout, you should add that related list yourself.

  1. Switch to the 'Setup' view
  2. Go to Customize->Contacts->Page Layouts 
  3. Edit 'Contact Layout' 
  4. Switch to editing 'Related Lists'
  5. Drag the 'Conversations' related list down to the Contact page layout
  6. Edit the related list properties to update the list of fields to be shown: 
    • Conversation: ID
    • Conversation: Topic
    • Conversation: Last Commented By
    • Conversation: Last Commented Date

  7. Save the related list properties
  8. Save the contact page layout

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