FAQ's - General Information

Q: Can I sync Basecamp, GMail, contacts and calendars with your product?

Yoxel Portal will only synchronize your Basecamp tasks and calendar (read about it in this article). Basecamp contacts are not synched, mainly because BCX API does not provide a way to create/update them.

Yoxel Portal will synchronize your Highrise contacts and tasks, and automatically log your email conversations in Highrise.

Q: What versions of MS Exchange server can Yoxel Portal work with?

Yoxel Portal connects to MS Exchange servers using the https based protocol called Exchange Web Services (EWS) which is supported starting with MS Exchange 2007. The EWS service needs to be enabled on your server.

Q: Our agency receives a lot of email inquiries every day. Can we automate forwarding of those into Highrise?

Yes, you can set up Yoxel Portal to regularly pick up your emails from multiple mailboxes for forwarding into Highrise. Emails will be filed under appropriate contacts and a "follow up" task can be created for every new inquiry.

Q: Can Yoxel Personal synchronize only a subset of my contacts?

Yes, when configuring a Gogole Apps, MS Exchange, or Highrise connector you will have an option to choose the tag based synchronization.

Q: Can Yoxel Portal synchronize contacts and integrate email for multiple users of a team?

Yes, you can add multiple users in your Yoxel Portal account and configure Google Apps, MS Exchange, Highrise connectors for them. Yoxel Portal will execute contacts synchronization and email integration for every user.

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