Email tracking and forwarding

Yoxel Portal can regularly scan your multiple mailboxes ("sources") and forward relevant email conversations into your Highrise or Salesforce CRM system ("destination").

To configure the email tracking/forwarding click the big blue button "Email Tracking/Forwarding Configuration" on the Overview page in your Yoxel Portal account.

  1. Select from in sources you want Yoxel Portal to discover and track conversations
    • chose one or more email tracking modes (read more bellow)
  2. Select to which destination the email should be forwarded
    • email privacy follows the privacy settings of a contact it is filed under
    • an option is available to ensure that emails are always filed privately
  3. It's not necessary to enable the forwarding when configuring for BigDripper

The email sacan engine supports the following email tracking modes:

  1. Track conversations related to CRM contacts - In this mode Yoxel will automatically import any email that mentions an email address of a contact that already exists in your CRM Portal (Highrise or Salesforce).
  2. Track starred/flagged conversations - Any time a flagged/starred (Exchange/Gmail) message is encountered during the mailbox scan it triggers the "thread discovery" process followed by importing of the discovered email thread. Careful with this one, as Yoxel Portal will bring all your flagged/starred conversations into Yoxel db and later to Highrise (if forwarding is turned on).
  3. Track filtered conversations - If you set up your scan filters (see the [manage filters] link) they will be applied to newly arriving messages and imported into Yoxel db (after the thread discovery step) when a match is found. Filters can also tag threads in Yoxel db that later can be translated into tags for contacts, into tasks in Highrise, and into BigDripper activation tags.
  4. <implicit mode> - Whenever a new email is encountered by the mailbox scanner and it references one of currently tracked conversations (in-reply-to) it is automatically imported also.

 Yoxel tries to preserve the thread structure of a conversation and imports it into Highrise and Salesforce as one email record (usually the earliest email message of a conversation) plus multiple comment records (one for each remaining message).

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