Email scan filters: regex

A quick summary of how to specify the "match expression" (regex) when creating an email scan filter.

A filter is applied to email messages to find matching candidates for importing/tracking and/or tagging.The following message headers are examined:  From:, Reply-To:, To:, Bcc:, and Subject:

The matching expression is a list of conditions that are AND'ed:

rto:keyword - means email address of the Reply-To: header contains 'keyword'

from:keyword - means email address of the From: header contains 'keyword'

to:keyword - means email address of the To: header contains 'keyword'

bcc:keyword - means email address of the Bcc: header contains 'keyword'

fromto:keyword - means email address of the From: OR To: headers contains 'keyword'

subject:keyword - means subject contains 'keyword' (case insensitive)

Instead of a keyword it could be a phrase, then you need to use quotes, i.e. subject:"match this subject"

The '^' modifier means the match should start with the following keyword or phrase, i.e. to:^startKeyword

The '-' modifier means the following keyword/phrase is absent, i.e fromto:-negativeKeyword

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