Sharing subsets of contacts based on username tags

 When you have multiple users synchronizing their Gmail or MS Exchange contacts (lets call those "individual account") with Highrise it is usually  a good idea to set up username based "sync enabling" tags in the sync settings, so that:

  1. A user could pick up only a subset of his/her contacts from Highrise, only those tagged with his/her username
  2. A user could send only a subset of his/her individual contacts into Highrise

 Here is one way of doing this (should be done for each user with his/her own user identifying tag 'username'). See 'Contacts' synchronization settings:

Highrise connector:
 - syncEnablingTag=username

Individual account (Gmail or Exchange) connector:
 - syncEnablingTag=Highrise

 This way only contacts tagged with 'username' in Highrise are marked for syncing for the user, and only contacts tagged with 'Highrise' in the individual account are marked for syncing for the user. When creating/updating a Highrise contact in the individual account the default 'Highrise' tag will be applied.

 The default external name "Highrise" has a canceling effect, i.e. the 'Highrise' tag will be stripped off of an individual account's contact 
when updating in Highrise because that is the Highrise’s external name.

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