Basecamp<->Google: Sync tasks and calendar

Things to expect from the Basecamp sync:


  1. Yoxel will sync only your tasks (assigned to you explicitly)
  2. Yoxel will create gtask tasklist for each Basecamp tasklist, under the following naming convention "^Project ~Tasklist". Switch to non-default task lists in gtasks when looking for the imported BC tasks.
  3. Google calendar can natively show all gtasks with due dates on the calendar


  1. In the new Basecamp, only upcoming events are imported (future events)
  2. Both, project and calendar events are synced
  3. Each Basecamp project will be synced into a separate google calendar
  4. The sync is bi-directional:
    1. Only upcoming BC events are imported into Google calendars
    2. You can create new BC events from Google calendar
Please read about this new mode and let us know if you want us to enable it for you.

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