FAQ's - Contacts Sync

Q: What does 'update pending' mean?

The 'update pending' records are the ones that Yoxel is supposed to sync but for some reason can not. One of the common reasons is that a record is a duplicate of another record that already exists in the target system.

Q: I applied filters (tag 'GMail' in Highrise and tag 'Highrise in GMail), nevertheless many contacts (that have none of these tags), are marked 'enabled' for synching? 

During the initial loading Yoxel actually analyzed all your Highrise and Gmail contacts to see if the same ones already exist in both systems. Those that already existed in both systems are 'enabled' for syncing by default regardless if they are tagged with the 'sync enabling' tags or not.

Q: What is the new group created in Google Apps via Yoxel called YoxelMerge? How does a contact end up in that group?

Yoxel analyzes contacts similarity in its database every time a sync runs. Two records that match with high confidence are:

  • automatically merged/linked in the database if they come from different systems, i.e. one from Highrise and another one from Gmail. The result of the merge is keeping one combined record with two IDs (one for each system).
  • or, marked as a duplicates if they come from the same system, i.e. both from Gmail.
The following "push phase" of the sync will update the merged/linked record in both systems or will tag one duplicate record with YoxelMerge (add to the YoxelMerge group in Gmail). You want to review all those YoxelMerge records in Gmail and merge them (or simply delete if they don't have any additional data)

Q: What is the new group created in Google Apps via Yoxel called YoxelDelete? How does a contact end up in that group?

Whenever Yoxel detects a record deleted in Highrise/Gmail/Exchange it flags that record in its internal database and the following "push phase" of the sync will tag the record with YoxelDelete in all other systems (add to the YoxelDelete group in Gmail). If your intention was only to to delete the record from one system (i.e. Highrise), then simply untag the record in all other systems (i.e. Gmail or Exchange), otherwise after reviewing the records you may want to delete them.

Q: Deleting an exchange contact doesn’t seem to delete that same contact in Highrise.  The reverse is also true.

Yoxel Portal sync does not delete records. In a multi-user setup multiple user records may link to the same Highrise record and if a user deletes his records in Outlook or Gmail it does not necessarily mean the record should be deleted from Highrise. When you delete a record in Highrise Yoxel will assign it to the YoxelDelete category/group in Exchange/Gmail as soon as it detects the deletion which may take a cycle or two.

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