Basecamp<->Google: Sync all tasks into Gmail's default tasklist

This is an idea from our feedback forum that has recently been implemented:

Currently Basecamp tasks are imported into gtasklists, with names constructed from Basecamp project and tasklist names, like this "^Project ~Tasklist".

This way one can also add new Basecamp tasks right from GMail, simply by creating a task in one of those special gtasklists.

Unfortunately in google calendar only one currently active gtasklist can be shown. 
For people how want to see all their tasks at once in the calendar view it is more convenient if all Basecmap tasks were filed in the default gtasklist.

So an idea came up. To add a mode where Yoxel would still create those special gtasklists "^Project ~Tasklist" in Gmail so that they could be used for adding new Basecamp tasks from Gmail but file all imported Basecamp tasks into the default gtasklist. This way all tasks can be seen in the Google calendar view.

Please contact us if you would like this new mode to be turned on for your account.

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